Meet Silas


I have been drawing long legged cats in the margins of my notebook for over a year now. Always telling myself they would make a great toy. I am sure my coworkers thought I was crazy.


But I am very happy with the way this drawing translated into yarn. At 22 inches tall he is by far my tallest toy to date but because he is so skinny it only took 380 yards of yarn to make him.


Honesty the skinny legs are what kept me from making him for so long. But when I finally started knitting them they flew by. I really think the stripe pattern on the pants took a lot of the stress away. After all it is much easier to count 99 rows when you know it is only 33 stripes.


Craft: Knitting
Type: Toys
Published: June 2011

Yarn weight: Worsted
Gauge: 22 stitches and 32 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
Needle size: US 5 – 3.75 mm

Available for $6.00

Summer is for Toys

Today is the unofficial start of summer in the US but here in Atlanta we have already had several days over 90 degrees. It is far to hot too think about making anything piratical to keep us warm this winter. Right now it is starting to be hard to believe winter will ever come. So this summer I decided to make toys. Just toys. It should be fun.


Care to join me? I have two fresh toy patterns coming out in the next few weeks and I already have a few more in the works for later this summer.

I Heart Crochet

I just finished a big project for a magazine and a second round of magazine work will start again soon. In the lull I needed to make something silly and fun. And not knit. I love knitting but I had not picked up a hook in months. Hearts are fun. And seasonally appropriate.

I heart crochet
Pattern here – yes it is in Japanese but it’s not hard to figure out and if you get stuck there is always Google Translate.

After reading that this week’s iheartfaces challenge was hearts I thought it would be fun to get shots of my son with the crocheted hearts. He just was not into it. But he did think they were fun to throw.

I heart him too

And I made an owl this weekend too. The sun was down when I finished so trust me that it is cute. Here is it’s head getting stuffed.

It's Stuffing Time

Oh yeah San Fransisco.

Plush You! San Fransisco opened this Friday and I hear it went well. I wish I could have been there but two plush trips in a season is way beyond my budget. Unfortunately I did not have time to take more than one photo of my work before it went out there because I was rushed for time. Somehow I did not get my acceptance letter (spam filter ate it?) and therefore did not know I was in the show until 2 weeks before the show started. Luckily I had half of a another Whaley McBlubber compleated and a Snow Sprite from last year. So I only had to make one toy fresh and finsh up the whale. Still with it being halloween and a baby and wedding shower to go to it was a bussy few weekends. So this crappy in the box shot is the only evedence of all that hard work.


I had a great trip to Seattle where I got to go to the Plush You! show. Sorry the images are being posted so late. Enjoy.


Dream Eating Monster

My dear college bud Cynthia asked me to make a toy for one of her close friends in Italy early this summer. Cynthia’s friend had requested “something American” and anything I make is American because I am American right?

While we were in college Cynthia used to always tell me what she dreamed about the night before. Her dreams were always funny to hear and I was always amazed with the details she was able to remember.

Cynthia also always loved dream catchers (and I never knew her to have a bad dream) so a monster that ate bad dreams just felt right. Of coarse he needed a web in his mouth to catch the bad dreams.
I hope this toy makes a newborn Italian baby happy.

Oh and before I forget! Plush You! is this Friday, Oct 10th at Schmancy in Seattle. If you live around there you should defiantly check it out.  I’ll be there!

Bombs Away!

The last of my Plush You toys for this year. Despite my husband suggesting the name Dropy McSplat I think I am just going to call this guy a gremlin, the kind that wrecked airplanes, not the kind that you cannot get wet.

He has the same base as this blue guy I made last year. But this year’s model sports spiffy goggles and a parachute.

The parachute was a real challenge to make but a lot of fun. Boning in an i-cord casing makes a frame that holds up the chute that is attached to the swanky backpack.

Whaley McBlubber

When asking my husband what I should name some of my toys he always gives me names in the form of Blanky McBlank. Most of the time I laugh and then tell him to come up with something better but something about Whaley McBlubber just felt right.


This white whale has been a white whale of mine for a while now. I originally wanted to make a whale that ate people after listening  to the Mariner’s Revenge one to many times. Then I realized that would require me to make a doll. I never played with dolls as a kid and I don’t feel right making them now. But I did want to make a tinny cabled sweater…



After three or four deformed whales and one grossly oversized waterspout I finally have a whale I love.



This guy will be for sale at Plush You, October 10th in Seattle.

Plush You 2008 – Toy 1


Some of you might remember my Friday Doodle from a while back. By popular demand, meaning my Mom and the few other people who peeked at my sketch book, he is now a toy.

This guy will be for sale at Plush You, October 10th in Seattle.

3 New Toys Coming Soon

Pinning all the little pieces together.

I have been working hard the last few weeks trying to get everything ready for this year’s Plush You Show. As soon as I finish touching up the photos I will post three new toys.

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