Snow Sprite

I live in Georgia and I often joke with people that I have never seen a “real” snow. Only a few times in my life have I seen snow that does not melt away with a single footprint. Because of this snow has always seemed a magical thing to me. So when I saw snow come up as a topic in the Holiday Softie Awards I was immediately draw to it. If I can’t have real snow here I thought it would be fun to make a little sprite that brings snow.


pi.jpgThis little guy was probably my most challenging piece construction wise to date. When I was drafting the pattern for him I forgot some basic math. I had in my head that the circumference of a circle was TTr2 instead of dTT. Stubbornly I cut the pieces even though I knew it is not look right and I even went so far as to sew them together. Looking at that huge head and tinny legs and body I had to admit defeat. A quick glance at wikipedia and a slap on the head later and I was fixing the pattern. See kids, math is important. It helps you make softies.


After remembering middle, possibly elementary, school math. I was ready to roll. First I made the body, legs and arms, saving the head to later. I wanted the feet to be crocheted but I had to fumble how to do it. I did not want to have a sewn line running horizontally across the arms and legs because that would destroy the bell sleeve look I was going for. So I ended up having to make the crocheted sections fit under the already sewn arms. It would have been much simpler the other way around. Then a quick running stitch along the top edges before attaching the arms and legs and it was all good.

As a final touch I painted the eyes of my little guy blue. I used Testor paints, the kind you use in models. Worked great. I like how the blue eyes are much softer than the classic black safety eyes.

Sneak Peek

sneak peek

Been working on and off again for almost a month on this little guy for the Holiday Softie Awards. Not happy with the photography yet so I hope to have “real” pictures soon.

Off to Plush You!

On Monday I finally finished my Plush You stuff. 2 remakes of pieces I had done before and one new original.


I will start with the new guy. I have not come up with a real name for him yet (a reoccurring problem I have) but I referred to him on the inventory sheet as just “Cyan” for obvious reasons. He is made from Brown Sheep Company’s Cotton Fleece Yarn in Robin Egg Blue. He took almost a whole skein to make and was by far the largest amigurumi I have ever made at about 9 inches tall. The foot pads are made from fabric from a local quilting shop that I think might be an Amy Butler print.

off to plush you

Now lets have a group shot…

stickers are fun

I made some stickers for promos…

paper tags

tags on toy

And cute paper tags.



I have so much finishing work left to do before these guys are ready for Plush You. It is kind of fun to see all the blobs heaped together though.

I have been holding out on you.

I have been holding out on you. I have been busy the last few months but have not posted much on my blog. Why? Well part of it is shyness over showing many blobs that I have made while learning to sew. Rest assured that I have many projects in the works that are not quite ready to be seen. But enough excuses, I would like to introduce you to someone…

Marci in tree

Meet Marci. Or that is what I am calling her right now. She is my first complete sewn toy. And I designed her myself because using someone else’s pattern to learn from just made too much sense at the time for me to do.

what is this?

I really cannot explain to you how happy she makes me. Most of the time when I make a toy I just put it on a shelf and look at it every once in a while. Not this gal. When I am talking on the phone or wondering around the house I often find that I am holding her as I walk around. I must look silly but who cares?

The Long ear were inspired by a stuffed toy bunny I had as a kid. When my grandmother had sewn him I think she made his ears about and inch too short for my taste. I was constantly trying to wrap his ears around my wrist finding that they were just a little to short. I still managed to carry that bunny around where I went even without the convince of easy ear transport.

No Kid would have that issue with Marci though. Her ears are a whopping 18 inches long even though she only stands about 6 inches high. She is made from brown cotton with accents of green wool from a recycled sweater. Her eyes are made from vintage buttons and the ears are sewn on with new button reinforcements.

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