Hippo Tee

When your family gives you a new sewing machine for your birthday you can’t ignore a request to make them something. This is especially true when it comes from a oh-my-god-he-is-almost-4-year old. But I loved watching how the request changed over the course of a week.

Hippo Tee

“What do you want me to make you?”


“Heavy or lightweight?”

“Lightning! I want lightning pajamas! They should be blue and green and lightning colors.” At this point he ran out of the room to grab a book to show me what lightning looks like. Thanks kid, I remember.


“The store did not have and green or blue fabric, but I got some red and black. Do you still want lightning?”

“No. Those are not lightning colors. I want a wake up shirt with a dragon on it. … Can it be a lightning dragon?”

“Dragons are very pointy, can we do something less pointy? because this is the first time I have sewn something on a tee shirt before. How about a bear? you love bears.”

“Bears are not red. Can you make me a hippo?”

Apparently I can. I am a little amazed I was able to make a shirt from scratch (with the help of the flashback tee pattern) and appliqué a hippo.

Hippo Tee

First Quilt

Rag Quilt_1

It is done. Filled with imperfections and there are about 100 little things I wish I had done differently but overall I am happy.

Rag Quilt_2

While working on the quilt I decided a rag quilt is probably the equivalent of a scarf knitted with thick-n-thin yarn on large needles. It covers imperfections nicely but there is true beauty in a finished piece done by a skilled craftsperson.

Rag Quilt_3

And maybe one day I will become a skilled quilter. I do not see it taking the place of knitting or crocheting in my life by any means. The rhythm of quilting is so different. Sewing requires me to set up my machine, ironing stuff and pull out my fabric to work. The process is labor incentive but very rewarding. Knitting and crocheting is more relaxed and organic. I can sit on the sofa, watch tv and slowly feel the yarn growing into something in my hands. Both and great and appeal to different sides of my nature.

Rag Quilt_4

WIP – Rag Quilt

There are some evil enabling wonderful women on ravelry. The summer mothers 2009 group has got it in my head that I should make a quilt. Yeah, me, the woman that barely sews.

Halfway There

So I took some first steps to making my dream a reality. I wanted a simple quilt of a spring-summer-fall weight that would provide that touch of warmth you might need while vegging on the sofa in the early morning. One of the moms suggested a rag quilt. I liked the idea because the frayed edges would give extra thickness and weight without making it too warm.


So I cut 108 squares of quilters cotton and another 54 squares of diaper flannel in place of batting. That felt like it took forever. The quilting the squares together took a while but not near as long as the cutting.

54 blocks ready to go

After laying everything out sewing the blocks together is just flying along. I was able to get half the quilt together in one night. If my luck holds I will be washing it this weekend.

Halfway There

Whaley McBlubber

When asking my husband what I should name some of my toys he always gives me names in the form of Blanky McBlank. Most of the time I laugh and then tell him to come up with something better but something about Whaley McBlubber just felt right.


This white whale has been a white whale of mine for a while now. I originally wanted to make a whale that ate people after listening  to the Mariner’s Revenge one to many times. Then I realized that would require me to make a doll. I never played with dolls as a kid and I don’t feel right making them now. But I did want to make a tinny cabled sweater…



After three or four deformed whales and one grossly oversized waterspout I finally have a whale I love.



This guy will be for sale at Plush You, October 10th in Seattle.

3 New Toys Coming Soon

Pinning all the little pieces together.

I have been working hard the last few weeks trying to get everything ready for this year’s Plush You Show. As soon as I finish touching up the photos I will post three new toys.

Why hello spring!

The weather is turning nice. we have been getting some of those perfect 70 degree days here. The whole thing set me in the mood for spring cleaning. My neat little craft space that I had bragged about earlier was no where close to clean on Saturday. So I set to work and spent hours folding fabric scraps and sorting yarn. I also gave my pegboard a second look.
new pegboard
I ran to home depot and picked up a few supplies. One more set of magnetic mason jars, a few bars for holding screwdrivers and a multi pack of hooks and I was ready to go. Thread moved from the shelf were it fell down as I hunted for colors to several lines of screwdriver holders. Assorted smaller hooks were added all around for holding tools that would not fit on the big hooks I had before.

To top it off I made a few little bags to hold things that could not hang like pencils, double pointed needles and crochet hooks. The bags were fast and easy and they add great color to the space.


Sometimes I feel truly silly with how giddy being a newish homeowner makes me. Things that seemed so silly, like placemats, now are a source of joy. I can’t help but think what my tomboy ten-year-old self would say if she saw me making placemats for my house.

For the New Mommy

A nursing cover for my favorite new mom. I looked at this tutorial for direction but ended up making it a little different because I wanted it to me lined.

Quick Sew Funky Christmas Stockings

My husband and I for the first time are in a house this Christmas. We have hardly any Christmas decorations and have not had the time or energy to go shopping for them this year. So on my day off today, I whipped up some stockings. Want to make some last minute decorations for your place? Good, because I got a tutorial for you.

1. Two types of contrasting fabric. I used recycled fabric from an old pair of pants and about half a fat quarter of quilter’s cotton.
2. Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies
3. Freezer paper & pencil or erasable fabric marker
4. Loop turner and knitting needle (optional)
5. Adobe acrobat reader
6. Printer and Paper
7. Scissors
8. Iron

STEP ONE – The Pattern
Download pattern and print. Cut out pattern pieces along the outside of the thick gray line. The gray represents the seam allowance. Tape piece A & B together to form stocking shape.

STEP TWO – Cutting
Tip: Iron on freezer paper to fabric to mark your pattern. Then cut shape out. Peel off paper before sewing.
Trace the A&B shape on to fabric, then repeat making sure to flip the shape over.
Trace the A&B shape on to fabric
In contrasting fabric, trace shape C four times and shape D once. Cut all pieces out of the fabric.trace shape C four times

Fold shape D in half long ways right side in. Sew along long edge. Turn inside out (with loop turner if you have it). Press flat. Fold in half horizontally and press flat again. Set aside.
Click on image to enlarge

fulloffluff_stockings_8.jpg Take two of shapes C and pin them together, right sides in. Sew along all edges except the longest side. Make relief cuts at the points and valleys. Turn inside out. Use knitting needle to help get crisp points. Press flat. Repeat with the other two shapes C.fulloffluff_stockings_9.jpg

STEP FIVE – Attaching the cuff
Pin the long, raw edge of one cuff to the top of the wrong side of one A&B shape.


Sew along edge. Press flat making sure the edges of seam are on the side of the AB shape. Repeat with other cuff and AB shape.fulloffluff_stockings_12.jpg

STEP SIX – Sewing the Stocking
Place one stocking half down, right side up. Take loop and place in just under the cuff fold to the inside. Place other stocking half on top. Pin the layers together making sure you put one pin in loop.


Sew along the bottom part of the sticking, do not sew on cuff. Make relief cuts along the curves.fulloffluff_stockings_14.jpg

Turn inside out, and then press flat. Turn cuff over. Clean up and cut loose ends.

STEP SEVEN – Decorate



Odds and Ends… Lots of ends

For the last few days I have been working on lots of quick projects while trying to finish some projects up.



First I had to make a toy before I went nuts and destroyed the sweater I have been working on. Still working out the pattern but these little guys are fun to make.


And Blake, the hubbie, wanted a case for his DS. So I tried my hand at case making. Took 3 tries for me to come up with something I like, above is a too tight case that is about a half inch to short. My case is coming soon, after I get new needles for my sewing machine… I kind of broke 3.


Oh and ends… lots of ends. I am almost done weaving them all end and then all that is left is sewing the arms on, 4 more ends to weave in and the sweater is done.

Why the hurry to finish everything? I have a commission for a new Kitsune. This one will be a little different than my last one. Looking forward to revisiting my old work.

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