Next Generation?

Recently my 2 year old son has made the cognitive leap from knowing the mommy knits to knowing that when mommy knits she is making things. As a result he has started making request. The most common is mittens but he has also asked for monsters, lions and dinosaurs. Luckily for him his mom does knit monsters — and mittens — but mostly monsters.

I'm knitting, mommy.

He has also started to pretend to knit much more. I keep a small ball of yarn around just for him and a crochet hook. He wraps the yarn around the hook and stabs the ball of yarn. Every time I beam with pride and wonder if I will be able to pass along my craft knowledge or will gender stereotypes get in the way. Or maybe he will not care for crafting at all. In the meantime I enjoy watching him play.

Meet Silas


I have been drawing long legged cats in the margins of my notebook for over a year now. Always telling myself they would make a great toy. I am sure my coworkers thought I was crazy.


But I am very happy with the way this drawing translated into yarn. At 22 inches tall he is by far my tallest toy to date but because he is so skinny it only took 380 yards of yarn to make him.


Honesty the skinny legs are what kept me from making him for so long. But when I finally started knitting them they flew by. I really think the stripe pattern on the pants took a lot of the stress away. After all it is much easier to count 99 rows when you know it is only 33 stripes.


Craft: Knitting
Type: Toys
Published: June 2011

Yarn weight: Worsted
Gauge: 22 stitches and 32 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
Needle size: US 5 – 3.75 mm

Available for $6.00

Summer is for Toys

Today is the unofficial start of summer in the US but here in Atlanta we have already had several days over 90 degrees. It is far to hot too think about making anything piratical to keep us warm this winter. Right now it is starting to be hard to believe winter will ever come. So this summer I decided to make toys. Just toys. It should be fun.


Care to join me? I have two fresh toy patterns coming out in the next few weeks and I already have a few more in the works for later this summer.

Giveaway with the Minimalist Knitter

When Robyn of Minimalist Knitter contacted me last week saying she was doing a write up on my Baby Shell pattern I was thrilled. Robyn has been writing about what she sees as essential patterns for knitters — basic patterns that you could knit again and again each time making it your own. This was exactly what I was going for when I originally designed the baby shell.

As a special treat Robyn and I are offering a give away on her blog. Just check out her post and tweet, post on facebook and comment to enter.

Speaking of facebook. Full of Fluff now has a facebook page. The first 200 likers will get a coupon good toward any purchase in my ravelry store.

Pattern: Chompers


Back in January of last year my little dude was learning to crawl and kept getting his toes stuck in the hem of his pants legs. I started to dream up pants for the spring for him, ones that I could fold up for extra cushioning at the knees and fold back down when he was sitting still.


Now that we are quickly approaching his second birthday and I wonder what sitting still is I finally made the pants. And to my amazement the roll up, button up pants idea works even better on an older child who is likely to run through mud puddles and then be upset his pants are wet.


The pants are made with Rowan Denim a very unique yarn in many respects. The yarn is somewhat stiff when worked but washes to something more soft to the touch. What really makes it different is the fact that the purposefully shrinks in the wash – just like real jeans. This added an extra challenge for designing and hours of more math in the long run. But you guys will not have to do that math. Don’t worry if you want to substitute yarn either – directions are given for yarns that do not shrink in the pattern.


Oh and the best part? It is 100% free. Just visit the Petite Purls website.

Oh the Chunk!

Last weekend an old friend of my was kind enough to let me photograph her twins in matching baby shells. These super chunky babes were just too cute and tons of fun to work with.

Jaxx's Babes (19 of 25).jpg
Miss Lu was very interested in her sweater.
Jaxx's Babes (23 of 25).jpg
But what is a photo shoot without a little tears right?
Jaxx's Babes (24 of 25).jpg
As cute as they are in the sweaters I think they were even cuter without them.
Jaxx's Babes (14 of 25).jpg

The Most Redonkulous Photo Shoot Ever

So Brandy (PixiePurls and co editor of Petite Purls) and I had a “simple” mission. We wanted to photograph two babies together wearing hats. No problem right? What could possibly go wrong?

Lets start the list of signs this shoot would not bode well:
1. My boy did not get a good nap in that morning, most of his nap was on the 45min car ride over to Brandy’s place.
2. Brandy’s AC broke and the temperature was in the mid 90s that day.
3. Brandy’s eldest was just not having a good day. It is tough being a toddler.
4. I am still getting used to my new camera. I packed my 50mm lens because it is fast but it only had manual focus on my camera body.

Well the first thing you might need to know is that at least my half of the baby duo does not wear hats. Ever. That is why I developed my Harper’s Hood pattern after all. Brandy’s LG was more willing by a hair. So I did manage to get a single shot of LG in the hat. It was ripped off about .4 seconds later.


So we gave up on acutely having pictures of the kids wearing hats. Maybe it would be okay if we had them sitting near the hats or playing with them. Sounds good right? Well it would have been great if there were not much more interesting things in the room like say curtains and electrical outlets.


awww look how nicely they play.


Still playing nicely ignoring the hats until my son wanted to put his fingers in the same outlet as LG. Sigh. A loud smack followed by a crying LG later I am apologizing to Brandy while putting my kid in time out.


Brandy stayed cool the whole time despite the fact I think all 3 kids were crying at this point. Putting the hats on her older daughter stopped one set of tears.


And I even got brandy to put on a hat herself.


Maybe we would have better luck outside on a picnic blanket? Oh wait they can both crawl.


Brandy went all out and got a cake in Petite Purls colors for the kids to eat with the hats near by. Sounds nice right? While my kid did not appreciate the cake LG did. Wow.


So I do not think we got a good photo in the bunch. But it was fun, or at least funny, in a frustrating way.

Celebrate – Knitted and Crocheted Party Hats

Happy Birthday Petite Purls! You are a great magazine and your first birthday issue is fantastic.

A few months ago I sent co-editors Brandy and Allegra a goofy tweet saying they should knit party hats to celebrate. I almost immediately got an e-mail asking me if I would be willing to design the hat in Petite Purls colors. No problem!

Photo by  Brandy Fortune

Photo by Brandy Fortune

I had no problem envisioning how to make a crocheted hats – spots and a shell edge seemed like a must. But they wanted a knit hat too. So I spent far too much time trying to make the same crocheted hat into knit. Nothing looked right. I must have swatched 5-6 times. Then I remembered something I already knew. Knit and crochet are different. Trying to design the same way for both crafts just will not work.

Photo by Brandy Fortune

Photo by Brandy Fortune

So out went the shells and spots and in came a ruffled edge and french knots to quilt the layers together (a step that the stiffer crocheted fabric did not need). The knit hat was also worked differently. For the crocheted hat you started at the tip of the hat and increased while for the knit it made more sense to start at the base of the hat and decrease on the way up.

Photo by Brandy Fortune

Photo by Brandy Fortune

It was a fun challenge. I hope you guys enjoy the patterns. And they are free!

Celebrate – Knit | Celebrate – Crochet

Later I will share how this was the most redonkulous photo shoot ever.

Pattern – Baby Shell

Baby Shell
While pregnant I spent a lot of time looking at baby sweaters. There were several fantastic sweaters out there but I found most to feel a little more formal. After having the baby I knew that what I really wanted was something simple, easy to clean and most importantly easy to get on and off.

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Augustine – an earflap throwback

Augustine - an earflap throwback

There is just something about kids and fair isle caps particularly ones with ear flaps. It is just so classic and so right. I wanted to make a modern twist on the classic caps with bright colors but still simple.

Augustine - an earflap throwback

The first time I knit this hat it was for my nephew. Ian, seen here, loves hats in a way that if he was an adult would be called obsessive. He always wants to have a hat on his head and would like others to have one on too thank-you-very-much. It felt right when my husband suggested naming the hat after an island because of the fair isle. To my knowledge Ian has one been to one island – St Augustine. Perfect.

Augustine - an earflap throwback

Craft: Knitting
Published: February 2010
Yarns suggested: Dark Horse Yarns Fantasy
Yarn weight: Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi)
Gauge: 20 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
Needle size: US 7 / 4.5 mm
Sizes available: newborn, baby, toddler, child

Available for $5.00 via ravelry.

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