Hippo Tee

When your family gives you a new sewing machine for your birthday you can’t ignore a request to make them something. This is especially true when it comes from a oh-my-god-he-is-almost-4-year old. But I loved watching how the request changed over the course of a week.

Hippo Tee

“What do you want me to make you?”


“Heavy or lightweight?”

“Lightning! I want lightning pajamas! They should be blue and green and lightning colors.” At this point he ran out of the room to grab a book to show me what lightning looks like. Thanks kid, I remember.


“The store did not have and green or blue fabric, but I got some red and black. Do you still want lightning?”

“No. Those are not lightning colors. I want a wake up shirt with a dragon on it. … Can it be a lightning dragon?”

“Dragons are very pointy, can we do something less pointy? because this is the first time I have sewn something on a tee shirt before. How about a bear? you love bears.”

“Bears are not red. Can you make me a hippo?”

Apparently I can. I am a little amazed I was able to make a shirt from scratch (with the help of the flashback tee pattern) and appliqué a hippo.

Hippo Tee

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