Quick Sew Funky Christmas Stockings

My husband and I for the first time are in a house this Christmas. We have hardly any Christmas decorations and have not had the time or energy to go shopping for them this year. So on my day off today, I whipped up some stockings. Want to make some last minute decorations for your place? Good, because I got a tutorial for you.

1. Two types of contrasting fabric. I used recycled fabric from an old pair of pants and about half a fat quarter of quilter’s cotton.
2. Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies
3. Freezer paper & pencil or erasable fabric marker
4. Loop turner and knitting needle (optional)
5. Adobe acrobat reader
6. Printer and Paper
7. Scissors
8. Iron

STEP ONE – The Pattern
Download pattern and print. Cut out pattern pieces along the outside of the thick gray line. The gray represents the seam allowance. Tape piece A & B together to form stocking shape.

STEP TWO – Cutting
Tip: Iron on freezer paper to fabric to mark your pattern. Then cut shape out. Peel off paper before sewing.
Trace the A&B shape on to fabric, then repeat making sure to flip the shape over.
Trace the A&B shape on to fabric
In contrasting fabric, trace shape C four times and shape D once. Cut all pieces out of the fabric.trace shape C four times

Fold shape D in half long ways right side in. Sew along long edge. Turn inside out (with loop turner if you have it). Press flat. Fold in half horizontally and press flat again. Set aside.
Click on image to enlarge

fulloffluff_stockings_8.jpg Take two of shapes C and pin them together, right sides in. Sew along all edges except the longest side. Make relief cuts at the points and valleys. Turn inside out. Use knitting needle to help get crisp points. Press flat. Repeat with the other two shapes C.fulloffluff_stockings_9.jpg

STEP FIVE – Attaching the cuff
Pin the long, raw edge of one cuff to the top of the wrong side of one A&B shape.


Sew along edge. Press flat making sure the edges of seam are on the side of the AB shape. Repeat with other cuff and AB shape.fulloffluff_stockings_12.jpg

STEP SIX – Sewing the Stocking
Place one stocking half down, right side up. Take loop and place in just under the cuff fold to the inside. Place other stocking half on top. Pin the layers together making sure you put one pin in loop.


Sew along the bottom part of the sticking, do not sew on cuff. Make relief cuts along the curves.fulloffluff_stockings_14.jpg

Turn inside out, and then press flat. Turn cuff over. Clean up and cut loose ends.

STEP SEVEN – Decorate




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